Life is crazy. Absolutely nuts. Bonkers. Fast. Dangerous.

Recently, a friend of mine started a blog and said that her blog is to have a theme, an overall concept. She asked if anyone had one. I told her I did, but that the only “theme” was to reflect on this crazy journey we call life. I expressed that I started off with main goals and then abandoned them all in favor not controlling life, but letting God guide it. When I abandoned the goals and decided to make this blog truly diary-like, it made more sense to me. After all, this blog is for me, not for anyone else. Do I care what comments are said? Maybe. Not really… this is just for musing. Most of the time, I just continue to write with the stream of consciousness of thought. No cares for grammar, structure, and the like. Just to free write. While I’m not sure if that’s the purpose of a blog, I really don’t care. That’s the purpose I’ve come to accept.

When pressed further, this idea of purpose goes deeper than just a blog, purpose/meaning at a job, etc. This idea of purpose is to find what God’s plans are through thoughtful prayer and focused time meditating to truly listen. Often, we are bombarded so much in our world with so many distractions and so many things to do and people to listen to that we often lose focus on the purpose God has for us here on this earth.

Let’s backtrack and flesh this out. Recently, I’ve taught some lessons on gossip/bullying and they have all had this overarching theme of acceptance. I taught that there are various roles to everyone in the Trinity and how that reflects on us as Christians. There are many verses and passages that talk about judgment and the role that judgment has in the lives of Christians. The bible condemns hypocritical judgment, but not righteous judgment, but what about when it comes to our fellow man? The basics as I understand them simply boil down to this:

The bible states “For God so loved the WORLD…” That is every single living being on this earth, God loves. As the creator, God has the right to judge, to discipline. We simply do not. God’s role is to love and to judge. The role of the holy spirit is to convict with the guidance of God’s love. The role of Jesus is to love. Simply love. If Christians are to be Christ-like, then our role is to love just as Christ loves the church and God loves all living beings. Every single person. Regardless of sexual orientation, addiction, background, nationality, upbringing, etc. every single person deserves love. The murderer deserves just as much love as the child downstairs that is hungry. EVERY SINGLE PERSON DESERVES LOVE. It is a human instinct to put different categories, levels, and priorities on love, but love is truly the answer. Yes, I have friends and family that are domestic partners (homosexual), but I do not love them any more or any less than any other person. Yes, I have friends and family that struggle greatly with addiction, but I do not love them any more or any less than any other person. While I don’t agree, and most of my friends know I do not agree, it is not my place to judge or condemn. It is my place to love them. Not disconnect, not refuse to engage, not betray, not shun/avoid. Just love.

So, what is my purpose in life? To love God, love man, and strive to be more and more Christ-like.  What is my purpose in this blog… simply to reflect on this life God has given me. To flesh out and try to think out the different musings and influences of the day and of the people in my life that throw curve balls to change the day. To reflect and enjoy the Christian roller coaster that comes with life. God never said it would be easy, but we know from James that we are to take joy in the journey through trials and tribulations.



About moliesdaughter

I am a wife, a leader, a previous residential director, a current case manager, an interpreter, a product of my love for God, a person who cares about others, a helpful woman, and an individual who just wants to continue the journey of improvement. That's what this is about, the journey, the changes along the way, and the fulfillment of life. Even if no one reads it, at least it's there.
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