Long Time… Major Shift

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written. I don’t write often. In that time, I’ve done a lot of thinking/journaling and to be honest, I’ve learned a very important lesson. The lesson is this… Although it is okay to have goals and to work hard to achieve those goals, it needs to be stated that the goals should not come before the bible, but the bible come before the goals. I’ve had it backwards and nothing makes me more aware of that than teaching Sunday School.

As the team I work with strives to improve our ability to work with the youth ministry, I find myself looking more and more for spiritual guidance and truly exploring how my college education and background as well as the bible meet and interact. How do we navigate the world as Christians and more importantly how do we teach as well as EMPOWER younger generations to do this as well? The kids we teach are faced with more in their lives than we could ever have dreamed of facing and how do we help them? Equip them? Do we continue to teach the stories? Do we move up Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning and have them apply higher level thinking skills to the text? How do we teach them to apply it? The bottom line is that there’s more to it than just teaching stories and parables. There needs to be a way to make it applicable and let it stick. Our kids have been missing that in Sunday School. We have too many “taboo” subjects that have not been taught in church and since it has not been approached in church, our students learn it somewhere else… where it may not be biblically or morally sound.

In the past few months and in the many months coming, I do anticipate life to keep shifting and at this point, have abandoned my initial goals. I see God putting new, more meaningful events and thoughts in my life. Hopefully, these will lead to goals which help me develop in a way that God wants me to develop.

For now, I’m going to stop, take a deep breath, journal my devotions and thoughts, and put my reflections here… When I remember or when I have time. There’s too much going on in life to journal everything, but it will definitely be worth it to stop and reflect more often. Reflection is part of the learning process as well as the teaching process.

Lately, I’ve had my Sunday School students look specifically at counting their blessings. No matter how bad their days have been, write down something at the end of the night that you are grateful for. Some days, it will be something big. Other days may be considered a “horrible day”, but you are thankful for something very small (blooming of a flower, cool side of the pillow, a smile, etc.). Hopefully the kids get something out of this. I know I always have.


About moliesdaughter

I am a wife, a leader, a previous residential director, a current case manager, an interpreter, a product of my love for God, a person who cares about others, a helpful woman, and an individual who just wants to continue the journey of improvement. That's what this is about, the journey, the changes along the way, and the fulfillment of life. Even if no one reads it, at least it's there.
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